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Here are some of my favorite projects:


18,000 gallon SALTWATER LAGOON:   Inherited this project from

a builder/developer in a 17-millon dollar house. Original installer

couldn't keep a thing alive in lagoon; had installed an ozone system

 with PVC discharge which rendered effluent water toxic. After

remedying situation was able to keep schools of yellow and Achilles

tangs, queen angels and queen triggers as well as five-foot

leopard and nurse sharks.


BUBBLE ROOM- Sanibel Island, FL - 1988:  Fifty-four foot long tank

which wrapped around the second floor window of Nemo Room

such that wherever you looked out any window you viewed the

continuous aquarium feeling that you were in submarine!


STONEY'S CRAB HOUSE- Ft. Myers, FL - 1990:  Five aquariums

totaling 3500 gallons of saltwater; one of which was a 1500-gallon

custom fabricated tank twenty feet long. It housed fish the size of

dinner platters and a lionfish the size of a football. Also had all

custom designed wet/dry filters.


RESIDENCE- Naples, FL - 1990:  2500 square foot pond paradise

containing six concrete truck loads; a fifty foot waterfall with four

other falls; boardwalk, gazebo and picnic table all suspended over

the water on pilings shaped as old cypress stumps. 600-watt

underwater lighting system, 700watt stereo with ROC-KOUSTICS

speakers, screen enclosure, isolated bog planter areas and 12 foot

of 12-inch square glass blocks in the front wall complete the effect!


RESIDENCE- Naples, FL - 1995:  $105,000 fish pond complex with

wet/dry filtration, isolation chambers for sick fish and to facilitate

draining and cleaning. Attached to 14 million dollar old style

European mansion as a moat.


MAURER RESIDENCE-Naples, FL:  Indoor/outdoor fishpond

consisting of inside two-tiered waterfall, river running (cutting) through

natural African slate floor through a glass block wall to a waterfall

beside the front door sidewalk.


SOUTH BAY BISTRO- Naples, FL - 1999:  1000 gallon aquarium

housing five foot acrylic coral formations, tiered sub-scaping and

close to $5,000 worth of salt-water fish.


BOUCEK RESIDENCE-Naples, FL - 1998:  4' by 8' glass block wall

facing interior of game room forming wall itself; pond then flows over

split waterfalls flanking the flight of front stairs to join a common pond

in front of the stairs.










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